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Week 6 screenings AND Walking Tour of Norwich [Oct. 27th, 2007|04:15 pm]
UEA AnimeSoc


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Hi everyone.

Please note that we are back in Room 1.33 this week, but still at the later time of 8pm on Thursdays. All of our Thursday screenings will be at this time until the end of the semester now. Sorry for any inconvienences that this may cause.

Also, this week we will be holding the votes to decide which Tuesday series' we continue watching and which we replace. Due to a request from one of you, after each episode I will stop the screening and ask for a show of hands from each of you. I'll announce what the new series' will be in next week's email. Please also remember to vote, and not be indifferent. Most of the current series are around 26 episodes long and so if you don't like them, and refrain from voting, you may be forced to watch them for the rest of the year. We are all nice and the society is a democracy so don't feel nervous about expressing your opinion.

Please also note our Saturday social event this week. We'll meet at the main bus stop on campus and go on from there, and we may end up in a pub or other eatery if time permits. If you would like further information on this event, please contact our lovely social officer, Nick (Pwaa).

Also, if you're interested, our Anime Society Manifesto for this year is now up on the forum for you to scrutinise. You can find it here ---> http://animesoc.eamped.com/topic58.html

Anyway, here's what we're screening in week 6:

Tuesday 30th October - 8pm, Union House 1.33

School Rumble - episode 5
Paranoia Agent - episode 5
Hataraki Man - episode 5
Noein - episode 5
Scrapped Princess - episode 5
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - episode 5
xxxHoLiC - episode 5

Thursday 1st November - 8pm, Union House 1.33

The Girl who leapt through Time
Mahoraba: Heartful Days - episodes 11 + 12

Saturday 3rd November - 1pm, Campus Bus Stop

Walking Tour of Anime/Manga shops of Norwich

We tend to congregate in the blue half of the Union Bar about an hour before each screening (7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays) for a drink and a chat. If you'd like to join us, we'd be very pleased to see you!