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Week 12 screenings [Dec. 10th, 2007|10:51 pm]
UEA AnimeSoc


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Hi everyone.

This week, we will be screening an episode of 'Mahoraba' instead of 'xxxHoLiC' at the Tuesday screening as this is the only way that we will get the series finished before the holidays. 'Mahoraba' will be replaced next semester with 'Oh! Edo Rocket', provided it has finished by the New Year. If not, we'll have to think up something else really, really fast. 'Paranoia Agent' also finishes this week, and so starting from the first Tuesday back after the holidays we will be screening 'Kino's Journey' in instead.

This Friday we will be also holding a social in Nelson Court Common Room B. The event begins at 6.10pm and please bring your own drinks and snacks. Alcohol, however, is not permitted at the event due to university restrictions so make sure your beverages of choice are of the non-alcoholic variety.

Anyway, here is what we are screening in Week 12:

Tuesday 11th December - 8pm, Union House 1.33

School Rumble - episode 11
Paranoia Agent - episode 13
Kamichu - episode 6
Noein - episode 10
Scrapped Princess - episode 11
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - episode 10
Mahoraba: Heartful Days - episode 23

Thursday 13th December - 8pm, Union House 1.33

Tokyo Godfathers
Mahoraba: Heartful Days - episodes 24, 25 + 26

Friday 14th December - 6.10pm, Nelson Court Common Room B


We tend to congregate in the blue half of the Union Bar about an hour before each screening (7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays) for a drink and a chat. If you'd like to join us, we'd be very pleased to see you!